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Dan Rugman

Dan was studying mathematics at the University of Warwick when the sight condition which had made him partially sighted from birth began to deteriorate and by his 23rd birthday he was totally blind. After this life changing experience, he decided to pursue his passion for music and took a degree from the Royal College of Music.

Dan has had a wide range of musical experiences. He has conducted operas, performed as a professional bass baritone soloist, taught a wide range of musical disciplines to students of all ages and his compositions have included electro-acoustic pieces, song cycles, several works for chamber ensembles, and incidental music for both screen and spoken word.

Dan always felt restricted by the lack of access to music technology but it was after working on an educational project with players from the London Symphony Orchestra and a group of talented young visually impaired musicians that he realised how serious the situation was becoming for all blind musicians. It was this which drove him to return to the field of technology and music accessibility.